RCM provides Client with comprehensive patient billing data as the claims are billed. Collections and all other transactional details are combined & reported to provide a complete transactional file for each patient. This data is used to compile numerous reports for managing all aspects of your practice, and providing 100% transparency.
Acknowledgement of Charges
  • Patient name & account number
  • Date of service
  • Procedure(s) performed
  • Procedure & modifiers
  • ICD-10 Code(s)
  • Anesthesia start/stop & total time
  • Procedure, time & risk units x conversion factor and fee
  • Summary of cases/charges by financial class & facility
Payment Recap
  • Patient name & account number in date of service order
  • Payments & adjustments
  • Patient balance

Payment Recap Summary Includes:

  • Physician totals
  • Ending Accounts Receivable
  • Totals received for each financial class
Closed Account Summary
  • Itemizes all payment & adjustment transactions for each billable service
  • Provides unit reimbursement for each procedure
Pooled Income/Blended Unit Reports
  • Details each patient, billed & production units
  • Details Group & individual production units, ratios and distributions
On Request
  • Open accounts receivable
  • Aged Accounts Receivable by Financial Class
  • Production & Performance Report (by practice, payer, code(s), facility, surgeon)