Provider Enrollment

Provider Enrollment / Third Party Credentialing

Our Provider Enrollment Department is equipped to handle all issues related to your enrollment record and specific billing needs, ensuring timely processing and reimbursement for your services. We keep an eye on the changes in your practice and act quickly to resolve any issues precluding proper handling of your claims.

Our staff will: (click here to learn more)
  • Establish and maintain enrollment with Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Blue Shield, US Department of Labor and others, as required to obtain reimbursement for services.
  • Analyze your specific billing scenario and enrollment requirements, including atypical situations.
  • Maintain current client account information and credentialing documents.
  • Establish web access and EDI/ERA connectivity with payers.
  • Register providers and new billing entities with NPPES and maintain records.
  • Complete Medicare Revalidation (individual, solo entities, groups)
  • Complete and maintain CAQH Proview records as required for payer participation.
Our Resources Include:
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  • New RCM clients who utilize Internet Explorer as their web browser may access our credentialing portal with a secure password.
  • Information can be entered directly into our credentialing database, rather than completing and submitting a paper application.
  • Required documents can be uploaded through the portal, faxed, or emailed.
  • We will verify your entries against your substantiating documents.
  • We will correct any typographical errors and contact you with any questions related to your education, training, and/or work history.